Welcome to the Rudraksh Group. The group consists of following companies:
  • Rudraksh Iron Products Pvt. Ltd.
  • R.P. Steels

The Group is primarily engaged in the following activities:

Scrap Collection & Recycling Facilities, Manufacturing of industrial machinery.
Commodities Trading (Please refer 'Services' for more details)



We manufacture various kind of machinery for industrial and domestic use.


Our Group is engaged in commodities trading of Primary Metals, Ferro Alloys and Ores.


Rudraksh Iron Products Pvt. Ltd. has been trading in scrap metals since early 1970's.


To find out more about our products and services please visit our corresponding section.

Business Activities


Finished goods: -

(We work on outsourcing and ready stock basis, and our esteemed customer are saving lacs of rupees with our expertise in steel sector) such as: -
  • 1. Heavy steel structures (girders, rail lines, plates, pipes, foundation bolts)
  • 2. M.S.tor steel (in every dia and every form)
  • 3. M.S. angles, channels, pipes, sheets etc.
  • 4. Stainless steel pipes and tubes.
  • 5. Colour coated roofing sheets
  • 6. Wires, wire rods, barbed wires and wire mesh

Used Tower Material such as:-

Every kind of tower, (transmission and telecom) Galvanized angles (ideal for fencing of land and farms), Galvanized Pipes (sizes from 25 mm dia to 350 mm dia, length in every sizes) ideal for fencing, shed and structures etc., galvanized strips, galvanized nut bolts etc

Ferrous scrap such as :-

Iron Scrap, Cast Iron Scrap, Galvanized Tower materials, Used Rails, Shredded Scrap, Re-Rolling materials, Steel, Iron Ore / Mill Scale, HMS 1 & 2, Heavy Metal Scrap, Industrial Scrap, Steel Plates / Angles / Channels / H-Beams / I beams / Girders, Secondary Steel Bars / Iron Rods / Steel Billets / Steel Coils / Hot Roll Coils M.S. pipes, G.I. pipes, Scrap Vessels, Demolition Ships, Scrap Barges

NON-FERROUS SCRAP Metals such as:-

Copper Scrap, Aluminium Scrap including ACSR conductor scrap, Brass Scrap, Bronze scrap, Copper / Brass / Lead &Aluminium Ingots, Stainless Steel Scrap, Lead Scrap, Zinc Scrap, Titanium Scrap, Nickel Scrap, Drained Lead Battery Scrap. Copper Ore / Concentrate, Radiator Scrap, Electronic & Computer Scrap, Used PVC Pipes or Scrap & Plastics Scrap.

Various kind of MACHINERY SCRAP such as:-

New / Used Generators or Scrap, Electric Motors Scrap, Used Engines & Transmission or Scrap. Used Valves or Scrap, Transformers Scrap, Used Heavy Machinery or Scrap (Bulldozer / Shovel / Cranes / Excavators / Trucks). Used Heavy (Buses / Pickups) & Used Light Vehicles (Cars) & scrap. Used Marine Equipment's or Scrap. (Anchor / Propeller / Engines) Used Heavy Equipment's or Scrap, Compressor Scrap

E-Waste Scrap.

Every kind of e waste disposals.


Our services and consultancy is open to farmers (for fencing and storage needs), contractors (for supply of various steel materials and structures), wholesale traders (for opportunity in pan India business expansion), manufactures (for uninterrupted and timely supply of raw material related to iron and steel) We also provide technical assistance for setting up new plants and machinery for Iron and steel industry. We also undertake projects on turnkey basis. Our consultancy is also open for the people, who wants to make career and build fortune in any kind of scrap related business.
We work at very competitive rates and charges.
We manufacture various kind of machinery for industrial and domestic use. Air Pollution control systems for various kind of furnaces is our speciality. At Rudraksh Iron Products Pvt. Ltd., our Air Pollution Control Systems are unique because our engineers thoroughly understand the behaviour of process gases. By combining this knowledge with latest technology, our systems deliver some of the highest pollutant removal efficiencies available.

Our systems comply with the strictest Clean Air Act requirements and can remove toxic and corrosive gases. This means you can feel confident that your personnel and equipment are well protected. Our systems require limited maintenance and promise years of trouble-free operation.

What Client's Say

I wanted to share my experience with Rudraksh Group. They not only did a wonderful job, they did a fantastic job. this team were honest, trustworthy and I highly recommend them to everyone who asks about this company.
Manoj Kumar , Businessman
I just wanted to tell you how pleased and impressed I am with my whole experience with Rudraksh Iron Products Pvt. Ltd.. From the outset, I was treated with dignity & respect by your representative Mukesh Mittal. Her demeanor, product knowledge & practical expertise were the reasons I chose to trade with your company.
Vikash Rastogi , Businessman
WOW! There are no words that explain our pleasure and the ease in working with you and all the folks at Rudraksh Group. The results are fantastic! From the onset, your company showed a level of professionalism, promptness and high level of knowledge of the product line, which is so difficult to find into today's service industry.
Suraj Mehta , CEO Mehta Group