We manufacture various kind of machinery for industrial and domestic use. Air Pollution control systems for various kind of furnaces is our speciality. At Rudraksh Iron Products Pvt. Ltd., our Air Pollution Control Systems are unique because our engineers thoroughly understand the behaviour of process gases. By combining this knowledge with latest technology, our systems deliver some of the highest pollutant removal efficiencies available.

Our systems comply with the strictest Clean Air Act requirements and can remove toxic and corrosive gases. This means you can feel confident that your personnel and equipment are well protected. Our systems require limited maintenance and promise years of trouble-free operation.

We offer following Air Pollution Control Equipment

  1. Dust Collection System
  2. Cyclone / Multi-Cyclone Dust Collection System
  3. Ventury / Wet Scrubber
  4. Fume Collection / Washing System
  5. Biofilter Reactor For VOC/ Industrial Odor Control
  6. Bag Filters.


  1. Steel melting induction furnaces
  2. Glass melting furnaces
  3. Wood Particle Board
  4. Paint Manufacturing Industries
  5. Pulp & Paper Industries
  6. Oil Mist Treatment For Aluminum Die Coating
  7. Animal Processing / Rendering
  8. Breweries
  9. Chemical Industries.