About Us


We believe... every challenge is worth an attempt. Every opportunity deserves to reach its potential in this dynamic market. We have faith in the power of "adaptability". Hence "water", one of the basic elements of this planet has been our core inspiration. We have conviction in the power of "flexibility" that is greatly reflected by water. Our mission encircles the idea to embrace opportunities and overcome challenges with great resolve and resilience. We have a great task at hand and our mission is to:

  • Be the "preferred choice" in terms of customer satisfaction for minerals and metals resources supply and not being restricted to an "interim alternative".
  • Be a partner by choice to the stake holders & employer by preference to the employees.
  • Ensure the process of constant value addition and drive long term growth plans.
  • Be acknowledged as a strong entity in the realm of minerals and metals resources business.
  • Develop and maintain perfect synchronization among partners.


Our core philosophy "Creating Opportunities, Sharing Success Together", epitomizes our commitment to excellence.

Our vision is to become a company having strategic alliances with clients and suppliers for utmost value additions in our business, an organization having committed employees and competent stakeholders for optimal utilization of tangible and intangible resources.

Our Logo

The logo of Rudraksh reflects the image and Philosophy of the company. We believe in our ability to continue growing in all situation and circumstances. Our strength lies in our ability to adapt to circumstances, to be flexible in changing environment and to develop perfect understanding among our partners. This characteristic is best represented by "Water", the only element able to adapt to all the temperatures found on earth. Water is a unique element which is available on earth in solid, liquid and gases form. Also amazing is its ability to transform from one form to another with changes in the temperature (environment). From being formless when liquid, or hard as rock when "ICE", or invisible gases when "STEAM", makes "Water" a wonderful element on Earth. We believe flexibility and adaptability are not a weaknesses, but strengths as displayed by our Logo Water.

The colors in the logo represent our belief and faith. The snow white color represents Integrity and transparency and Ocean blue color represents depth and maturity and, Sky blue color represents ability to blend. The moving Yan yin represents continuous growth and balance among our partners

Our Origin

The Mittal Family made a humble beginning into scrap trading in the late 1970's from Narwana, a small town in Haryana (India.) The scrap trading progressed into customized Iron & steel trading mainly in cast iron and rolling materials and commercial goods in scrap such like Heavy structure and G.I. tower materials

During 2000's when India was witnessing the new financial regulations, group made its foray into business of purchasing sick units( with land, plant and machinery) auctioned by various financial bodies.

Group have assets in various location purchased through such auctions, which can be used to launch its future projects for any kind of industrial set up.

During the altering years, opportunity started flooding from booming real estate and building infrastructure. To respond to opportunities, it was decided in year 2003 to have a business set up in Jaipur (Rajasthan) the thirst led to foundation of its first manufacturing facility as steel induction furnace (for ms iron melting) under the supervision of our at present, Executive director Mr. Mukesh Mittal

Up for liberalization, the Company founded a niche opportunity to import various kinds of scraps from overseas leading to significant expansion of trade activities in the field of Ferro Alloys, Minerals, and Metals for the secondary manufacturing industries in India apart from procurement of scrap from various union government and states government bodies.

To respond to opportunities, it is decided to have a business set up in Dubai, ideal location for handling Middle East and Africa region. Apart from the advantage of investor friendly laws and unavailability of taxation on the profits earned.

Chairman's Message


It's my pleasure to introduce you to RUDRAKSH GROUP, a true reflection of an indomitable spirit of human endeavour and extend a warm welcome to its Website.

I would like to take this opportunity to say with a sense of pride that the group's performance during the year gone by, despite being fraught with unprecedented challenges is no doubt creditable considering the unfavourable global economic scenario that we were pitched into.

It would be unfair if I don't acknowledge and appreciate the untiring effort put in by our core group consisting of the Directors, Key Management Personnel, Senior Executives, Managers and also every employee who painstakingly played their roles with precision and brevity, true to the expectation. The whole team worked as a well knit strand with great elan amidst uncertainties and enormous challenges to ensure due accomplishment of the group's business plan.

I also gratefully acknowledge the numerous support extended by our Bankers, Vendors and Clients and the trust reposed which helped in no small measure not only to achieve our goal, but also to take forward our expansion programme that we aim to achieve.

I would like to end my note with a positive forecast for 2018-19. This, I believe would be accomplished as we plan to spread wings and open more procurement centres worldwide.

While assuring that Rudraksh will continue to live up to its reputation, I look forward to the co-operation and support of our stakeholders going forward.

Warm regards,

Our Team

R. P. Mittal

Our honourable chairman serves as an objective confidant and advisor with whom the team may discuss work-related and other concerns related to career development and planning. he is an example of loyalty, duty, respect, self-less service, honour, integrity, personal courage, compassion, competence and commitment.

Mukesh Mittal

Mr. Mittal is young, dynamic and very talented personality. He understands and anticipates customer needs very well. He is a man with great acumen blessed with a nose for business knows how to create wealth for the company and investors. he is a change icon, bold in decision making, having self confidence with humility and a good sense of humor.

Atul Mittal

He is very social person having a very deep insight in strategic planning, Risk management, and Innovation. Ensuring business decisions are grounded in solid financial criteria; Providing insight and analysis to support the CEO and other senior managers; Leading key initiatives in finance that support overall strategic goals; Funding, enabling, and executing the strategy set by the Board of Directors; Developing and defining the overall strategy for the organization; and Representing the organization's progress on strategic goals to external stakeholders.

Gourav Mittal

He is a young businessman, a keen learner and very charming person.